Dual Passions: Travel and Fitness

Travel is a wonderful experience. It is something that I personally love and I make it main part of my personal life. Adding new and exciting experiences, meeting new people, and checking off all those cities on my bucket list really speaks to my core values of self-improvement.

Fitness is also one of my other life passions. I love to lift weights, go to the gym and get ripped. It is also another way I continually improve myself, in addition to travel. I love going to exotic beaches in Thailand, Bali, or Spain and taking my shirt off to show off some hard earned muscle!

However, when you are constantly travelling, it can be hard to maintain a good workout schedule. Furthermore, getting proper nutrition can also be a problem when you are always eating out and trying local delicacies!

How to Maintain a Good Fitness Schedule while Travelling

Let’s face it – it’s tough to stay dedicated going to the gym even when you are not travelling. So how can you stay fit while travelling. Here are my tips:

  1. Set reminders on your smartphone- Use fitness apps and calorie counting programs to keep you motivated. They will also remind you to work out.
  2. Use the hotel gym- Most hotel gyms have at least a meager gym that can somewhat acceptable. Be creative. Get a pump going with whatever equipment is available.
  3. Find local gyms- Almost  all foreign countries will have gyms. It can be a pretty great experience trying out different gyms in different countries.
  4. Do bodyweight fitness- If you can’t find any equipment to work with, you can usually get a decent workout by doing only body weight exercises. This can include lots of different kinds of difficult push ups, pull ups and chin ups, dips, and one-legged pistol squats. Sure these probably won’t be a complete substitute for a good barbell and freeweight setup in a gym, but it sure beats being a couch potato!

Focus on Nutrition while Travelling

This is a big one. Nutrition is usually the first thing to slide when we go travel. Constantly eating out and not getting the right kind of macro-nutrients can really interfere with your fitness goals. Here’s what I suggest:

Try to book a hotel with a small kitchen so you can cook your own food. Or at least one that has a fridge so you can prepare some health sandwiches. Try not to eat out every night.

If you are bodybuilder looking to gain muscle, you will need some extra protein. This can be hard to achieve without getting tons of other carbs or fat when you are always eating out. So I always suggest bringing some mass gainer to help supplement your nutrition.

Mass gainers (also known as weight gainers) are great for people who are always on the run, travelling from one destination to another.