Real Science in a World of Bro-Science

A scientist / bodybuilder’s  journey in finding the most up to date and scientifically sound information about bodybuilding 

The gym is filled with guys who are more than willing to give you their own advice about what you should be doing to get big or strong. Supplements, nutrition, training, lift technique you name it!

This advice is often said with unflinching authority, but is usually only backed up by personal experience. This anecdotal evidence is so common in forums and the gym that is has it’s own name: bro science. 

Separating the bro science from the real facts based on scientific investigation can be difficult. When I first started bodybuilding, I heard all sorts of advice, sometimes conflicting, sometimes downright false. I wanted to know what was the best way to get big and strong, what to eat, which supplements worked. I wanted to know the cold hard facts, not opinions or anecdotes. China.

Blogs Without Proof are still Bro-Science

Like most people, I first searched online. Now, there’s a lot of information in forums and other blogs, but many times this information is posted without any references.So how do you know that information is correct? Where’s the proof?

Just because it’s on a blog written by a dude that looks jacked doesn’t mean that it has any scientific founding.

You need to know facts. Not only is this important in achieving optimal results in your bodybuilding journey, but when it comes to supplements and nutrition your health is at stake!

Bodybuilding meets Science

I am a bodybuilder, but I am also a nerd at heart.

Science has always been a part of what I do (I have a Master’s Degree in science). So when approaching bodybuilding I naturally tried to make my training, nutrition, and supplement choices based on the best scientific evidence available at the time. This means doing research. 

There’s an absolutely massive amount of research being done in sports nutrition and medicine. There are many sports medicine / nutrition journals that publish results from scientific trials regarding everything from optimal creatine monohydrate doses to proper cardio or strength training programs.

4 Reasons Why Science Trumps Bro-Science

Bodybuilding information in scientific journals is way better than anything else you can find in forums or from the bros in the gym.  Here’s why:

  1. Research is conducted at recognized universities all over the world.
  2. Studies are done using proper controls with large numbers of participants, and often double blind placebos — the golden standard in pharmacology studies.
  3. Research is peer reviewed (other researchers analyze and critique the study before it is even allowed to be published)
  4. Results can and are often repeated by other researchers

Science is not “truth”, But it is the Best Shot You Have

Science is an ever changing landscape of data, hypothesis, theory and analysis. Nothing is written in stone. New studies are constantly shaping our current knowledge. But that being said, science is our best bet. If you are going to choose a supplement, you want to bet on the science, not the bro in the gym.

My Goal: To be the Most Trustworthy and Scientifically thorough Bodybuilding Resource

When I first started this blog I knew nothing about the real science of bodybuilding. Now I write to educate all those out there that are tired of bro-science. This blog is for those who want the real fact so that they can train optimally and devise safe and efficient nutrition / supplement regimens.

In the spirit of science, I encourage peer review from my readers. If you find something that you think may be flawed or said without scientific please send me an email and I will re-investigate!

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